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Rolling Stock

Payment Deferral

How Onset Helped them Recover and Rebuild

This rolling stock company specializes in military freight, heavy haul, and dry vans. As an approved carrier for the Department of Defense, they ship military equipment as well as many other dry goods across the country. When five of their largest customers closed down as part of the worldwide shutdown, their revenue took a significant plunge. They approached us for help, and we were able to quickly offer them an immediate 60-day payment deferral. We are proud to help customers in times of crisis and we are able to do so because of our incredible relationships with our funding partners.

*These case studies are provided for informational purposes.  The names of the customers and the specific details of their business and situation have been withheld.  Qualification for Onset’s COVID-19 Relief Program is subject to review and approval by Onset and its underwriters.

60-Day Payment Deferral