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Logistics and Transportation


Transaction Highlights

$28,000,000 Funded

Short Timeframe

Competitive Payments


This seasoned trucking and transportation solutions company use their decades of experience to provide first-class service to each of their customers. They offer a full range of services, including: waste management, material handling, logistics services, recycling, waste disposal, transfer station management, and freight transportation. They take pride in their workforce of dedicated employees committed to going above and beyond their duties.

Why was Onset their best choice?

This company needed money for trucks, and they needed it fast – due to market demands for the specific type of truck, if the vendor did not receive payment for the trucks immediately, they would be forced to sell to another party. With an entire fleet of trucks on the line, the customer needed a partner who understood the industry, the urgency of the transaction, and the potential that the company’s new management team represented. Moving forward with the transaction despite the customer’s cash-flow requirements and unconventional credit status required immense commitment and collaboration from both parties. Onset Financial’s entire team – from account management and documentation to credit and underwriting – worked tirelessly to ensure that the transaction was completed on time and as agreed upon. Harnessing the flexibility of our capital and creative structures, Onset met the tight timeframe and provided a payment that was critical to meeting the customer’s cash-flow needs. With $28M in tractors and over-the-road equipment, Onset has provided the customer with the assets necessary to generate significantly increased profit margins.

Competitive Payments
Company Revenue

Lease Type
Capital Lease


Working with a fantastic and committed client allowed us to showcase our capabilities and achieve our common goal. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with this client.

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