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Food Services

Food Services


Transaction Highlights

Funded $4,200,000

Seamless Transaction

Fast Approval


This food services company is taking its global footprint seriously… all while striving to create affordable and accessible food to people worldwide. Their goal is to change the way the world eats. And, it doesn’t stop there. They want to keep the earth healthy too. By using alternative power sources and innovative techniques, they have changed the way they produce food. They are proud of the power they have to create positive changes in communities across the globe.

Why was Onset their best choice?

This transaction highlights Onset’s unmatched ability to meet any level of urgency our customers might be dealing with. The customer was seeking a quick turnaround on $4.2M of packaging equipment and Onset responded by delivering an approval in less than 24 hours. From proposal to funding, Onset met the customer’s urgency every step of the way and worked hand in hand with the vendors to ensure a smooth transaction from beginning to end.

Company Revenue

Lease Type
Operating Lease; Tax Lease

Food Services

We take pride in giving our customers the best possible experience when it comes to leasing their equipment with Onset. It is always rewarding to know that our customers appreciate the hard work we put into their transactions.

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