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Federally-Regulated Insurance Company


Transaction Highlights

Funded $2,000,000

Strategic Funding

Tight Deadline


This federally-regulated insurance company is a healthcare management company that focuses on an overall simplistic process. Their mission is to offer low prices so people can afford quality healthcare.

Why was Onset their best choice?

Onset Financial was thrilled to help finance computers, electric data processing equipment, and other assets for this federally regulated insurance company. The timing was the biggest factor in making this transaction a success. With a tight deadline, completing all documentation and getting the deal funded took a major effort on all sides. Onset was able to work well with this business-savvy CFO to complete this strategic funding.

Company Revenue

Lease Type
True Lease


The customer was beyond impressed with the level of responsiveness, and connectivity the entire team at Onset showed in this very strategic funding.

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