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Die Cast Machines


Transaction Highlights

Funded $60,000,000

Timely Funding

Long-Term Relationship


This die casting manufacturing organization has facilities across the country. They specialize in computer numerical control (CNC) machines. These machines are so precise they are known for creating airtight seals and high tech pieces of aluminum equipment that end up in many household items including razors and grills. They are also suppliers for Harley Davidson and many of the auto companies. This organization is committed to safety and is very proud of its no-injury records. When you walk through their facilities you will notice how clearly areas are marked and how strict their standards of safety are. They were established in the early 1970s and are now one of the largest CNC companies in the world.

Why was Onset their best choice?

This CNC die casting company first approached us for financing in 2010 which happened to be a very difficult time period for their industry. They were looking for a long-term partner of their equipment leasing needs but the recession had taken a toll on their business and this was reflected in their financial statements. Onset stepped up and delivered an approval for $1.5M in CNC machines. New opportunities followed and the result has been a wonderful relationship, over 10 years in the making, and over $60M in leased equipment.

Company Revenue

Lease Type
Operating Lease; Tax Lease


They've helped us through the tough times, they've been with us in the good times.

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